Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joseph..... like me?

I have to say that the many years that I have enjoyed reading, studying, or hearing sermons or songs about the birth of Christ I never put a lot of thought into the Joseph part. Sure, a little, but not to the point of empathy. Not until a couple of years ago.

I was sitting in our living room full of Christmas Spirit. The radio was on in the background, and I was staring at our new sleeping baby and smiling while rubbing my stomach at the thought of the baby within. It was an amazing thing that happened to us and I realized how blessed I was. That is when the DJ announced the next song as "Joseph's Lullaby" by Mercy Me. The song wasn't new, but I had never sat down and listened to the lyrics before. This time I did. Now, granted I was teaming with pregnancy hormones, and still high on new baby emotions as well, but still... It was a God moment for me. A very emotional one at that.

If you aren't familiar with the lyrics to the song, let me fill you in. The title sort of says it all (obviously). The song is a lullaby to the newborn king from his earthly father Joseph. For the first time I sort of viewed Joseph as "a real person", or at least found something in common with him. He held this baby in his arms while his exhausted wife slept on straw. As he looked at the baby what must he have been thinking? I appreciate the view of the song writer. It gave me an image of Joseph as an adoptive parent with a huge task entrusted to him, and I honestly looked right over at the sleeping newborn in my living room and felt the same way. God chose and trusted Joseph to love and care for this baby and to bring Him up in a Godly home. To teach Him life skills and manors. to mold Him for His destiny. What a great responsibility! What an honor. In that moment I felt, almost "oneness" with Joseph. God had entrusted me with the same thing in that little girl who I had been chosen for. I no longer view Joseph as a kind man who followed God's command and supported Mary on her difficult journey. He was so much more. He was, for all human purposes, Jesus' father. I applaud Joseph & all others who adopt for being brave enough to listen when God chose him/them/YOU.

May God find you sitting and listening to whatever He has to share with you this oh so busy Christmas season.

I'm attaching the lyrics to the song and video below them, so you can listen as well.

Joseph's Lullaby, Bart Millard, Mercy Me
Go to sleep my Son
This manger for your bed
You have a long road before You
Rest Your little head

Can You feel the weight of Your glory?
Do You understand the price?
Does the Father guard Your heart for now
So You can sleep tonight?

Go to sleep my Son
Go and chase Your dreams
This world can wait for one more moment
Go and sleep in peace

I believe the glory of Heaven
Is lying in my arms tonight
Lord, I ask that He for just this moment
Simply be my child

Go to sleep my Son
Baby, close Your eyes
Soon enough You'll save the day
But for now, dear Child of mine
Oh my Jesus, Sleep tight


  1. Bran, I'm tearing up. Even if this type of music isn't my taste, but I love the lyrics, the meaning, the beautiful picture it paints. Thank you for making me pay closer attention.
    Love ya.

  2. I've listened to that same song with the same thoughts. In fact, today is the 3rd anniversary of our girls' adoption! Praise the Lord!