Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holy cow! I'm a rockstar!

Or, I guess I could just be boring and say I feel awesome. Rock Stars probably don't feel AS awesome at times, in fact. Why? Because I did something today that I have never done in my life, and that I thought that I never would: I ran a mile.

Yes, that's right. I have joined the Dark Side. (That picture is me, not the Unibomber.) I could give you a list a mile long to prove to you that it's a God thing. Instead, I would like to share with you what I have come through in just a very short time.

I ran for the first time on November 25th. It was the following Sunday that I did it again after I confirmed my "accountability friend" aka, my trainer, aka my parole officer. :/ Anyway, since I spoke with her I haven't quit running. (except for the mandatory day off that she wisely requires me, which is once a week) Just call me Forrest, Forrest Gump.

Since I started:
optical migraine
another headache
cramps (sorry guys)
ouch, my knee hurts
colder, heavier rain
hey, now my other knee is stiff too :/
brrrrr! The windchill is killer! It's stinking coooold........ but I just ran a mile anyway!!!!!!

I list these things not to sound whiny, but to say: WOW! I am so proud of myself. God has changed something inside of me. I know that it sounds kind of funny, since it has not been very long, but it's true. I felt His nudge into the unknown, and heck ~the unliked, and I am so glad that I was brave enough to listen. If you put all of the obstacles that I listed on one side of a scale, they really add up. However, if you put this scripture on the other side of that scale, there is really no comparison.
Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Him who strengthens me.

Sure, you have probably heard that verse before, but think about that for a minute. It is well known for a reason. Take it's meaning deeper in your own situation. What seems unlikely to happen in your life? What thing have you counted out of your realm of possibility just because you didn't think it was "you"? Anyone who knows me can verify that my becoming a runner is, well,... shocking. Absolutely shocking. I used to make jokes. Here are a two: "I ran 2nd base after I hit a double". "I tried running once, but the ice cubes kept falling out of my drink!" The truth is, I still hate it. I'm still pretty sure that it is from the devil. But, what I don't hate is how I feel right now..... or the second that I reach my front door, or when my son states, "Mommy, you were running." when I walk inside, or how my legs feel tighter already. And I really like how I feel knowing that this is God answering prayer for not just me, but for my husband as well. I owe more credit to his prayers on the subject than my own.

I joined the Biggest Loser League and they ask for personal goals. Mine are: 1: To honor God with this body that He gave me, 2: To be a good example for my children now, so that they don't have to figure this out at my age, & 3: To work out regularly and be in shape like my awesome husband.

I haven't really gone public with my "new me" yet. I have been back and forth on this blog topic for a few days, but a friend urged me to write it. I'm still an "in the closet" runner for the most part, and I don't claim for one second to have any of it figured out. I can tell you this though: Philippians 4:13 has proven to be true about running for me. In case you missed it, I ran a mile today! I didn't stop, and I didn't feel like I was going to die at the end either. It was less than 2 weeks ago that I could barely breathe after running for only 2 minutes. Yes, really.

It wasn't that I thought that it was impossible for me to run, because I believe that everything is possible with God. My problem was my complacency. I didn't CARE if it was possible or not. Complacency is a scary thing. It's comparable to being lukewarm.

Maybe it isn't an exercise issue for you. Maybe it's showing love to your family. Maybe it's fellowship. Maybe it's just being the blameless man or woman of God that He intends for you to be.... Whatever it is, be brave enough to trust Him. Care!
I love my family, and I intend to live for them, not slowly kill myself via neglect. Don't dare live one more day outside of God's intentions. I seem to remember reading something about abundant life somewhere... hmmm........ ;) Well, one thing is for sure: My life just got a whoooole lot more abundant!

*By the way, if you are one of my 5 blog readers, (haha) now would be a good time to "follow" my blog and show your support with encouraging comments. hee hee (click the "follow" button to the left side) Remember, I do still hate running, it's just that now, I know that it's going to be worth it.


  1. That's really inspiring Bran. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am sooo proud of you!!! Funny how you wanted to share this with me; God has placed this, for some reason, in my heart to start running. I HATE TO RUN! Two months ago I told my husband that we were going to run the 5K in Sullivan this coming Spring...So you have just inspired me!!!! Keep up the good work and God's work ;) Any advice on how to start??