Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He is jealous for me....

Well, I'm in love with the latest DC*B single, How He Loves. (link to the left) The lyrics are, well, stunning. I was driving home from work one evening and spending some worship time when God stopped me to join in. (love that!) The lyrics of that song are so bold and deep, and of course, I knew it, which is why I had it on in the first place....but that night, The Holy Spirit stopped me with the very first phrase. "He is jealous for me" And for the first time I saw God's jealousy in a different way. Before my perception was of God standing beside me in every situation as the voice of reason, keeping me from making foolish mistakes, if I am willing to listen. It's as if He says something like this:"Brandi, you shouldn't watch that movie. It's language and sexuality are inappropriate, and you are mine. I'm jealous of the things that keep you from me". It isn't a legalistic thing, it's a "what's best for" me thing. Each situation is unique. Well, on the previously mentioned night God took the topic of His jealousy deeper. (He is sooo like that ;) ) All of a sudden I saw his jealousy as if He is a defender. A mighty warrior surrounding his beloved girl. And now I could practically hear it go something like this:"Get back worldly things. This is MY Brandi, and I will not give her to you". Because our amazing God, through His living Word, is multi-faceted. This is my simple minded interpretation. We know that we can not comprehend His actual greatness, and even attempting to could practically drive me mad! haha Nevertheless, He chose to open up this tiny bit of wisdom to me, and I wanted to share it. Have an amazing day.

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  1. Bran, I love that. You already shared this with me, but I am glad you wrote it down. It is so true. I love to look at it from this angle. I love that God can use the same song to interpret so many things. He does that with so much. When I heard this song, I didn't even realize that I didn't think God loved me. I didn't feel like I desserved it, and God used this song to show me not only that he did love me, but that he was jealous for me, and that he loved me deeply. Thanks for sharing!