Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well balanced

Our daughter is intelligent. Obviously, so is our son. Everyone knows that their children are geniuses, right? Well, the kind of intelligent that our daughter is is worth blogging about. She has, since infancy achieved most all intellectual development months and months ahead of schedule. 

Addison could keep rhythm with music before she could hold her head up. She tapped her foot perfectly in time. This is something that I still haven't figured out in my  thirties. Within the genre of music, we are also amused at how quickly she picks up on lyrics and tunes of songs. She knows them and recites them in no time at all- sometimes months later.
She could recite the alphabet before she could walk, and was sight reading hundreds of words before she was potty trained. (Ironically, she was a late trainer though.)

At times, the thought of her being so bright scares me to death, in hopes that I nurture her in the ways that she needs. For the most part, I'm pretty sure that we are doing a good job with both children. They both learn by leaps and bounds, and that is just our normal.... 

Still, it does blow me away from time to time when our daughter exhibits a new or improved behavior. Today I sat down at my computer to answer some emails that needed attending. Addison persistently begged me to let her sit on my lap and type her name. I gave in and let her have a few minutes. Once again, I was surprised by her. She typed all of our names, and then began sounding out basic words and typing them as well. I didn't know that she could spell some of those words! I praised her and sent her on her way, careful to not go overboard on the praise, thus making our son feel inadequate in spite of being an otherwise very smart three year old. You know, keep it simple. Keep it positive, and keep it balanced.

Fast forward ten minutes. I finished my emails and went back into the living room to work on laundry. That is when Grant let out a gasp. He spotted a dark blue, errrr I mean, "INDIGO" streak of colored pencil drawn on the living room wall. I looked over to Addison just in time to see her tuck her chin into her chest. Guilty.

So, once again it all comes down to balance. As a mom it is my job to balance. I must balance play time with clean up time, and t.v. time, (even if it's educational!) with play time. Time with just Grant and Mommy is balanced with time with just Addison and Mommy. If we are going to have a cookie, we have to make sure that the rest of our meals are... "well balanced". You get my point. God is everywhere at all times, but I am not, so I try my best to balance my responsibilities while trusting that He is overseeing the whole thing. If I do a good job, then not only do I honor Him in the end, but I also succeed at not driving my family off the side of a lopsided life.

So, why did my little whiz kid draw on the living room wall today? That's easy: I would say, because she is a four year old child! She and I used a magic eraser to clean the wall, and she promised to write on paper next time. Honestly, I would say that she is showing signs of being pretty well balanced. What do you think?

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