Sunday, September 5, 2010


(3 of 3 in the Grant inspired blog trilogy)

I was able to join some friends a couple of weeks ago for a two day trip to the Women of Faith conference when they stopped in Indianapolis. I was so happy and thankful to go, and had an amazing and inspired time.
That being said, like any mama, I was also happy to get home and have those tiny arms wrapped around me again. They missed me, and it showed. Luckily we arrived home early enough to spend some family time together before bed time. Treasured.

The next morning was Sunday. We had breakfast, and were off to church. All was well until we dropped the kids off at their Sunday School class. Grant had a bit of anxiety at the thought of me being out of sight again. I was able to convince him, because he has learned that he can trust my word, that we would all sit together and sing in the sanctuary very soon. Reluctantly, he agreed.
Sunday School finished up and as I exited my class, there was Grant with our friend Joe. Joe's daughter was teaching the toddler class, and he had gone in to say hello. During that time, he and Grant had buddied up. The way that Joe translated Grant's requests was: "Hey, can I sit on your lap? It's all girls in here, and I need a guy pal". haha

So, we all went into the sanctuary and began greeting and visiting before the worship began. Grant pleaded to go sit with Joe and his family. Since Joe was smiling, I figured that he was ok with it. They were sitting a couple of rows up, and just to the right. Kamran and I had a perfect view of Grant, and he also had a perfect view of us. He was being adorable. Smiling. Waving. Grinning. Singing the words that he knew.

That's when he looked over to his side. His face lit up. Nothing magical, out of the blue, or overly amazing happened. He simple saw Nikki and Eric.

Nikki and Eric are our friends, and they usually sit a pew or two in front of us. We visit most every Sunday. Grant grew more and more excited about seeing them. He smiled, and his eyes grew wide. He motioned again and again for his daddy and I to see them. "Look!" He would say in an overly loud whisper, as he pointed. I was giggling at his cuteness, and at the humor of him getting so excited to see the same sight that we always see....

And there was my moment with God. My lesson. Thank goodness I was paying attention! Did you catch it?
There isn't a whole lot of lesson to teach here, is there? It's all in the story. Grant, in his childish innocence exhibited the behavior that we so often lack as supposed learned adults.
He showed passion filled joy to see the friends that are ALWAYS THERE... 
I think we are kidding ourselves if we don't think that we don't short change God. Too often we give Him:

Our last thoughts, rather than our first.

Our pocket change, rather than a cheerful giving.
Our halfhearted attention, rather than being sold out.

Our leftovers.

Oh Lord, forgive me for my arrogance. Forgive me for my lukewarmness, and please forgive me for being a spoiled-rich-kid. May I always greet you with that same passionate joy that my son displayed, BECAUSE You are ALWAYS THERE.

*I feel that it's important for me to point this out. God shared that moment with me, but it wasn't in a shameful kind of way. He simply pointed out some inspiration for me. He didn't shove it down my throat, He didn't force me to act on it, and He even had me smiling in the midst of my conviction..... You have to give Him bonus points for using those giant brown eyes to get His point across. ;)
I want to be like Grant when I grow up :)

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