Thursday, January 28, 2010

There may be no "I" in team, but now there is a team within Addison's EYES!

Kamran and I are so touched at all of your love and care during Addison's eye surgery. I decided that I would blog to update you all on how today went. As you can see from the photo, taken just as she returned from recovery, Cuddling with Mocha and Daddy was the perfect medicine.



For those of you that don't know the specifics: Addison had eye surgery at Riley Childrens' Hospital to correct an eye problem called esotropia. Basically, her eyes were not working together, and she was in a state of constant switching back and forth. There has been quite a bit of crossing and turning in of the eyes as a result, and her depth perception has been poor. Over several months we did an eye drop treatment to strengthen a lazy eye that had developed as a side effect. Today's surgery strengthened muscles just inside the corners of each eye. Her eyes look straighter already! There is a percentage of patients who must have this procedure done twice, especially those with blue eyes, like Addison. Our prayers have been that it would be a one time thing, obviously.


Hello everyone, and thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts for us and our special girl. She is doing so well, that her doctor said, "most kids don't look this good this soon after". I had to laugh, because we had been specific in our prayers, and asked for a speedy recovery that would be "as if she hadn't even had surgery". We have felt your love and friendship pour out through your constant texts, e-mails and Facebook letters, calls, continued questions throughout, helping with Granty, and of course your personal prayers. We are blessed to have all of you.


The surgical team at Riley was nothing less than wonderful. Orderly, professional, thorough, and at the same time kind, personable, helpful and yes, even timely. We are proud to call Dr. Neely Addison's doctor. He is good at what he does, and he cares for his patients as well. Addison was treated like a princess. She watched the Little Mermaid, got countless stickers, (a couple for Grant too!) got a mermaid toy, a pink maraca, had lots of yummy blue and violet juice and even a Popsicle. :)


She is doing great. She was singing on the way home, as usual. She was asking for Grant, and for Morgan. (Morgan, I am not sure if this is due to the pink maraca, or because I asked her if she wanted some breadsticks and cheese ;) Her eyes are very sensitive and bloodshot. They will remain quite red for up to a couple of weeks, but most of the discomfort will subside before that. She does not have any patches or bandaids of any sort, and the stitches will dissolve on their own. No medication other than Tylenol, including no drops (yea!) She is having double vision, which is completely normal for a day or two. How do we know? Well, she was cuddling in my lap during her recovery when she looked over at Kamran and said, "Two daddys??" Her doctor was impressed that she was able to communicate the point to us. But, that is our bright girl, now isn't it. :) She also has a bit of blood in her tears and a tiny bit from her nose. Also, she is pretty wobbly. This is a result of sedative, anesthesia, and eye readjustment. It should be better in a couple of days, but for now we are trying to get her to stay seated a little more. (Yeah right, she's 3! haha) Of course, her eyes are scratchy, but you wouldn't know it. She is acting as if nothing even happened! It may take up to 3 months for her eyes to readjusts to the position that they should be in. They said that she may have amnesia from the sedative, but on the way home she recounted most all of the days events to us. She is really something else. She may also be a little more tired than normal, although, at this point: NO. haha. As I type she is watching Aladdin, and happily playing with Daddy, Sassy, and Grant.


Yes, Addison will still wear glasses. Her farsightedness is a separate issue. Although, in a month or two, Dr. Neely will most likely lessen the strength of her current prescription since her glasses will no longer be doing the job that her eye muscles are now capable of.



There may be no "I" in team, but now there is a team within Addison's EYES! ;) Thank you all again. We will be out and about soon, and look forward to all of your hugs. Love, Brandi

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  1. PTL--that's fantastic news! I was certainly praying for all of you today (ok, now it's yesterday).